Busy Day At Scoops

Ego strokin'

Hey man! Our java is roasted LOCAL only HOURS before it lands at our digs.  Before filling your chalice, we gig the beans for your ivy league taste-buds,  without the downer bitters.  Our extractor is the ginchiest; it pre-wets & steeps the grind for a way-out cup o’ joe.  No cherry tree!.  Hustle up a few Georges and some coin. Don some rags and come on out expecting to wail! 

Things are way-out & wild here.   Besides making the best Ice Cream flavors your taste buds ever knew, we steam the smoothest fresh Espresso and Coffees ever roasted, with delectable homemade goodies to nosh on.  We heat up from scratch cookies, pies, brownies and other good things made dairy fresh whole moo juice, real moo goo and resh hen fruit. 

Our hang-out is on the corner of 11th Street and the Main drag inside a 1911 red-brick establishment where "The Man" stashed his bread back in yester-year.   

Fall TV Commercial