Scoops premium HOMEMADE ICE CREAMS are made each week right here in our store.  We use only the finest ingredients and our cream is always dairy fresh which means it is never frozen (no strange aftertaste).  We quick freeze our ice cream in an italian gelato batch freezer producing a  dense creamy product far superior to commercial ice creams.  We keep 16 flavors in the dipping cabinet so you can stop in anytime for a treat or just a taste.

Our “IVY LEAGE RECIPE” selection of ice creams include even more premium ingredients that cost us a lot more to make, but only cost you a little more to enjoy.

Categories of Ice Cream

Gluten Free – We never use wheat fillers – our ice cream is thick and creamy naturally

Classic – always available

Seasonal – we will Tweet and announce new flavors on Facebook as they are available

Ivy League – costs us a lot more to make but only costs you a bit more to enjoy!

By the scoop, pint or quart hand-packed in front of your peepers.   You can also special order your favorite by the gallon!